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Borgo, near St. Peter’s Square, is one of the most distinctive and prestigious districts of the city center and is particularly rich in typical restaurants, bars, pubs and many shops and artisans who work the iron, the brass, the silver, wood and glass. It is a quiet and safe neighborhood where you can make beautiful late evening strolls in the lights-yellow antique and the mediaeval structures that create a magical feeling in the narrow streets and picturesque

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If you can not understand a glance, you can not understand a long explanation!

Today I have explained that it is in full swing in Rome, in the world of B & B, a gritty prices. Battle? That is ME against another shots of “money”? But that sucks! But choosing a Bed & Breakfast is a serious matter. Your life is a serious thing. Your evenings with your girlfriend or that you have chosen are a serious matter. But what a damn world is this where I have to go into battle to host you in my house? Accommodate you! Hospitality is a serious matter. In my house there is my ENERGY, living my passions, my successes and my disappointments, here I cried, I laughed, I loved, I love, I write my theater and this is a serious matter. My guests breathe all this and carry with them in their lives. A Bed & Breakfast is not a simple -bed & breakfast-for god NO, NO! And ‘the embrace with other people who share their energy with mine and this and ONLY this is the engine of his Mondo.La FORCE. It sucks the battle of prices, SUCKS! Both those who practice it and those who impose it.
Stop taking anti-anxiety drugs and gastroprotective, lay down your arms; harmony and serenity, and if you like a B & B for his photographs, for the position or to the requirements that correspond to your research, then, relax and write an email or call and be open, asking you to share your time, your life for a few days and see how you’ll feel better after, and when you walk out of the B & B, the smile that you will receive and that you will do, will accompany you for a long time and will help you spend most of your days. TRY TO BELIEVE!

I would not lose my head

My God, maybe I’m losing my mind? We are losing all their heads? But the head resides in the head? Many argue that also resides in the belly, and a long time; if so that pumpkin full of hairs might shrink more and more to disappear? I look around me, on the street, and already known that many people are already thinking ahead and are training not to be seen, and instead I see them. The Headless! They are fresh and impressed but slowly I’ll make a habit in my thoughts and so many things are settled now. Thank goodness, I thought I was weird. No, no, everything in order. Right now I’m walking to my room and try to hit the walls with my head, head head so to speak, the one with the hair, and each shot takes me back to my childhood and I see so many heads around me smiling and making strange faces with a grimace and I consider that nothing has changed after all these years. I’m still surrounded by many people who smile at me and make strange grimaces. When will definitely fall head? With the handsfree belly feels and with your fingers you can still use the I-phone or smatphone, and then!

I would not lose my head

I would not lose my head