Concert in Rome

Concerts in Rome and musical events: the spring gives life to performances unmatched and magical sounds linked to rebirth and joy.

Lot of real music in Rome with concerts and cultural and musical events for locals and tourists alike.

Live performances from big and new items of music all’Orion Club,

the Sistine Chapel, Auditorium Parco della musica, the Circle of Artists.

Discover all the concerts of March in Rome, musical events and music events in Rome.

Spring takes shape with notes and sounds made in Italy: Anna Oxa the Sistine performs with his unforgettable songs enclosed

in ‘”Oxa History”, followed by Pearl Jam live with his voice overwhelming. All’Orion Club

perform the Twins in various concert

while the Modena City Ramblers delight us with their unique energy to the Circle of Artists. It ‘expected Mick Hucknall auditorium

however, where fans of Simply Red will be able to listen to his voice, and Testaccio comes alive until May with the Jazz Festival & creative music,

concerts and meetings with many new gender. Are coming in the spring major classical concerts and pop. calendar days to give you

dates and names and theaters. hello thanks

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