the capital offers many activities, events and festivals to experience the capital continues until March 10

Ciok the famous event in Rome, that the greedy can not possibly ignore.

The central Montemartini indeed becomes a real chocolate factory. An event is dedicated

to those who love the “blondes” and “red” week of craft beer can in fact pass unnoticed.

For those who yearn for dell’Oktober Fest but un’intenditore of local products, in many clubs in Rome

you can enjoy and celebrate this beloved blend.

March and spring us to rediscover the art of the season and the first hot invite us to

cultural itineraries. Rome does not disappoint offering many ideas and events not to be missed.

Began at last the long-awaited exhibition on Titian at the Quirinal Stables,

scheduled until June, while the Victorian Picasso and Braque are the protagonists

together with the great masters of cubism. AL Exhibition Palace instead is again

staged photography, with an exhibition of photographs by Helmut Newton, the famous German photographer;

those who love contemporary art instead can not miss’ exposure Vasco Bendini,

considered the pioneer of the informal Italian. Finally the GNAM you can make a jump in

another continent with the exhibition “Art in Japan” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary

the birth of the Institute of Japanese culture.

Rome Marathon

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Tel: 06.406.506.4

Approximately 60,000 athletes of all levels will be involved in the day that will begin ‘at 9 Via dei Fori Imperiali

from 17/03/2013 to 17/03/2013

All roads lead to Rome!

And it ‘just so’ view voter registration marks around 60,000 athletes. A day of celebration shared by thousands of people

with a single objective: the well-being! Athletes from all over the world, ready to give the best of themselves will run over a distance of 42 km.

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